VFW honors Patriots Pen writers

A pair of Scotts Ridge Middle School students have been selected as the top essay writers from the Veterans of Foreign Wars Patriot’s Pen competition in Ridgefield.

VFW Post 3052 named Kennedi Muller, whose theme was the “America I believe in,” the winner of the essay competition. Her essay was submitted in the national competition.

Kennedi said that she believed America stands for freedom.

“Freedom to wear what you want, live where you want, say what you want, work where you want, vote for who you want and that’s just a few freedoms we have in America,” she wrote.

Sarina Sheth was runner-up, and wrote about America being a land of opportunity.

“America has always been a place where hopes and dreams come true,” she said in Patriots Pen essay. “It is where people come to live the life they want to live and be the person they want to be.”

More than 300 Ridgefield sixth through eighth grade students submitted essays.

More than 120,000 students nationwide compete for cash prizes ranging from $500 to the first prize of $5,000 and an all-expense paid trip to Washington, DC.

The national winners will be announced later this year.