UPDATE: Mid-week snowstorm could produce up to 12 inches

Those fed up with winter won't find much solace this week.

A winter storm that was originally forecasted to drop four to eight inches of snow on the region has intensified, and could produce anywhere from 10 to 12 inches late Tuesday night into Wednesday night — earlier than first forecasted.

The latest projections from the National Weather Service have the Danbury area getting 10 inches of snow, with a low end amount of two inches (10% chance) and a high end amount of 15 inches (10% chance).

"Reduced visibilities likely," the forecast said. "Difficult travel, especially Wednesday evening commute."

"Wind and coastal flooding impacts will be closely tied to the strength and exact track of the storm," the report added.

Ridgefield's Emergency Manage Dick Aarons said Monday, March 5, that the snowstorm sequence seems to be snow-rain-snow.

"Exact totals will be determined by the exact track of the low," the National Weather Service said. "Heaviest precipitation falls Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday evening...

"At least a 50% chance of 6+ inches of snow across the entire region."

The next weather briefing is scheduled for 5 p.m Monday, March 5.

Check back into theridgefieldpress.com for more information about this latest storm.