UPDATE: Lake Mamanasco gets treatment Aug. 1

Editor's note: This story has been updated to reflect a change in the lake treatment schedule.

A chemical treatment of Lake Mamanasco is planned for Tuesday, Aug. 1, according to Jeff Stahl of The Pond and Lake Connection, the firm that’s in its second year of managing the water quality for Mamanasco Lake Improvement Fund, a homeowners’ association.

Most water uses and recreational activities are prohibited for 24 hours following the treatment, including: swimming, drinking, fishing, irrigation, livestock watering.

Boating is not restricted.

The treatment is expected to start about 10 a.m. Friday.

“It’s usually about a four-hour job,” said Stahl.

“We have to wait 14 days in-between treatments. This will be the seventh treatment — but they’re half-lake treatments, we can only do a half at a time. It’s only been four whole-lake treatments.

The chemical planned for use is the algicide SeClear, and the principal goal is prevent a bloom of blue-green algae, which can be toxic.

Fawn Young, an aquatic biologist with the Pond and Lake Connection, and Nick McMahon, the firm’s fisheries management specialist, will be on site during the chemical application.