Two eye finish line for Prospector documentary

“25 Prospect Street,” a documentary featuring Ridgefield’s own Prospector Theater, has entered the final stages of its three-year production.

“We’re currently in what’s called the finishing process,” producer Andrew Richey told The Press. “That means color grading the film so the image looks better, doing some sound design, and working on the overall storyline.”

Richey said that he and director Kaveh Taherian hope to finish editing the picture by the end of the month.

At that point, 25 Prospect Street will begin seeking grants for community and festival screenings.

The film’s focus weaves between the mission of the theater — to employ those with disabilities — and the personal narratives of its workers. It was originally scheduled for release in 2016.

The delay is due to the sheer magnitude of development Richey and Taherian witnessed in their subjects when the filmmakers did a follow-up visit to Ridgefield last year.

“We wanted to be able to include that growth in the film, so we had to really re-examine everything,” Richey said.

The movie speaks to the themes of family and community.

“We had done a series of interviews with a young girl, Rachel, who works at the theater — she’s autistic,” Taherian said.

“At one point, Rachel just started saying, ‘I don’t have autism. I don’t have autism.’ And her mom, very calmly and almost nonchalantly, just said, ‘Some people do. Some people don’t.’

I like that moment simply because it is about a mother and a daughter,” the director said.