Town sets sexual harassment, bullying seminar for Feb. 16

If the MeToo era workplace seems a potential minefield, town officials want to help their employees navigate what’s acceptable — and what isn’t.

About 30 town department heads will gather Friday, Feb. 16, for a sexual harassment seminar led by representatives of the Women’s Center of Greater Danbury.

“What we want to cover is harassment, discrimination, as well as bullying in the workplace,” First Selectman Rudy Marconi said.

The idea sprang from a program he took recently as a member of the “men’s committee” of the women’s center.

“We were first given a survey asking us specific questions. Then we went to the actual training, and then retook the same survey at the end of the training. It was quite helpful,” Marconi said.

“Hopefully, we do not have any situations comparable to what we’ve heard about on the news. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t refresh people’s memories on a regular basis about the dos and don’ts within the workplace.”

“Once this training has taken place, we would like to bring the training to staff members,” Marconi said. “Because it’s not always a subordinate-supervisor issue.”