Thrift Shop boosts Ridgefield Ramble

The Ridgefield Thrift Shop has granted $5,000 to the Norwalk River Valley Trail (NRVT) covering the costs of engineering and permitting for the Ridgefield Ramble, the NRVT’s first section in town.

A planning team of Ridgefield residents met in early 2017 and selected a 1.5-mile section running north from the intersection of Route 7 and Simpaug Turnpike to Bobby’s Court on the Redding line. It’s been dubbed the Ridgefield Ramble. It will be a 10-foot-wide, ADA-compliant, multi-use trail winding through conservation land along the Norwalk River.

Timber & Stone, NRVT’s trail builder, has designed and flagged the 1.5-mile route, recently producing the construction plans for the Ramble. Prior to construction, there will be engineering and permitting costs, now covered by the Ridgefield Thrift Shop’s grant.

Fund raising for construction of the first section of the Ramble is underway, with construction planned for 2019.