Theater Barn names Pamme Jones new executive director

The Ridgefield Theater Barn announced last week that Pamme Jones, longtime board member and recent president of the board, was hired as its executive director Sept. 11.

The announcement comes amid a flurry of changes at the barn in the past year, including the addition of new board members Suzanne Scoville, Helen Hedemann, and Peter Authier.

“Our artistic integrity is a hallmark from our choice of programming to how we treat the people who work with us to greeting the patrons when they come through our door,” Jones said. “If we didn't do excellent work and make the patrons want to continue to come see us, all of this wouldn’t be impossible ... I am honored and ready to be at the helm of this ship.”

What changes can the community expect to see at the Barn?

“Well short term, we are so excited for our patrons to see our brand-new, multi-level seating plan,” Jones said.

She highlighted plans for the barn’s “Crystal Bar” which will open soon.

Jones said that she plans to give the lobby and ticket booth a makeover as well.

“Also, be on the lookout for a brand-new website,” she said.

Thinking about the barn long-term, Jones said the plans laid out for physical and programmatic expansion will come to fruition.

“In addition to our fabulous theater and lobby makeover, we are doing a major overhaul of our physical space so we can maximize our assets,” she said. “We are doing a hard press to get the town to make good on its promise to resolve the sewer issue so our major parking problem can be rectified.

“We are getting the architectural plans finalized and starting to put together committees to handle the upgrades to our sound, lighting and hearing-assistance systems,” she added. “When the expansions and renovations are done, The Ridgefield Theater Barn will be second to none in the region. We already have a waiting list to drop into our new space, so we cannot wait to get started.”

Those interested in partnering with the Theater Barn, or getting involved on a personal level, should contact them at or 203-431-9850.