The LoveSnax Game to debut at Ridgefield's SummerFest Saturday

The LoveSnax Game will make its debut at Ridgefield's SummerFest Saturday, July 22,  in front of The Toy Chest at 441 Main Street.

What is The LoveSnax Game?

For starters, it's a game that consists of 64 cards grouped by emotion type: Yellow sun cards represent high energy comfortable feelings like, happy, curious, and brave; red hearts represent high energy uncomfortable feelings like stubborn, mad and worried; blue clouds represent uncomfortable low energy feelings like left out, sorry, and sad; and green clovers represent the low energy comfortable feelings like grateful, kind, and safe.

The deck of cards can be used to play the original LoveSnax Game, plus three additional games which include Go Fish, Memory, and BINGO.

LoveSnax was invented by Wilton resident Theresa Claire Robbins and Ridgefield resident Melanie Pearl.

“We needed to create a fast, easy, and fun way to introduce the topic of emotions," said Robbins of her first couple of meetings with Pearl. "We figured out that we had to start with introducing vocabulary, because if a child doesn't know the words to describe how he is feeling, he cannot tell someone or ask for help when needed."

Robbins will be demonstrating the game on Saturday and encourages children of all ages to come out an play.

“I’ve played with little kids to grandmas and everyone had fun," Robbins said.

The game typically takes about five minutes to play.