The Kindness Mural to receive dedication ceremony Sunday, June 10

The Kindness Mural will be unveiled outside Ridgefield’s teen center on Governor Street during a special dedication ceremony at 1 p.m. Sunday, June 10.

The abstract mosaic, with its tens of thousands of red, yellow, and orange porcelain tiles, was created by hundreds of community volunteers in early March as a visual reminder of inclusivity and caringness for residents and visitors who walk by it.

The final product will be seen for the first time at the ceremony, which will feature several speeches and live music in the teen center parking lot.

Denise Qualey, chairwoman of the Ridgefield Youth Commission, said the expected speakers include Scotts Ridge Middle School Principal Tim Salem, Boys & Girls Club Executive Director Mike Flynn, and Jason Cianciotto, executive director of The Tyler Clementi Foundation.

“After the speeches, the kids will pull the strings and the mural’s cover will fall down,” Qualey said. “There will music from the Ridgefield Chorale and some other local bands.”

Joanne Hunter, who co-created the design with her husband, Bruce, said the collaborative art process is “one of the purest acts of kindness you can make, because you’re creating new, stronger bonds with people that weren’t there before.”

“It’s rare for people in a community to have an opportunity to come together and create something like this piece,” she said.

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