Tango foundation receives $20,000

The Gloria Gray Foundation, based in Sandy Hook, presented a check for $20,000 to the Molly Ann Tango Memorial Foundation.

The Gloria Gray Foundation was established under the last will and testament of Gloria Gray in 2009 after her death. During Gray’s lifetime, she was an advocate for disadvantaged youths and seniors. A successful woman who throughout her many careers  saw how hard it was for single mothers, seniors, people with disabilities, and other disadvantaged groups to thrive, Gray was committed to improving the lives of those who were struggling.

The Molly Ann Tango Memorial Foundation was awarded the grant because it fits perfectly with Gray’s mission. This local foundation is committed to enhancing the lives of children with special needs and their families.

“We started this foundation to help families like us who are raising their kids with special needs. This very generous grant will go a long way in helping us continue that mission. We thank them for their generosity,” said Cathy Tango-Dykes, president of the Molly Ann Tango Memorial Foundation.   

For more information, visit www.mollytango.org