Sweet dreams: Natural Scoop looks to sell local branch

A local startup that sells organic frozen desserts out of a truck is looking to expand its model nationwide.

Natural Scoop, which was founded three years ago by Ridgefield moms Kirstin Cerulli and Carin Crook, intends to sell its Ridgefield truck and shift the business’ focus westward — and southbound.

“We would like to have branches of Natural Scoop across the country,” Cerulli told The Press last week.

“We’ve had interest from people in California and Tennessee. We want to think big — there are other people who’d love to own a business like this.”

While the co-owners will miss selling ice cream from their original truck in Ridgefield, they view the dream of coast-to-coast expansion as an inevitable part of Natural Scoop.

“We launched the business three years ago knowing would we would sell and expand,” said Crook, who will continue to co-own the company with Cerulli.

“We’d next like to focus on founding a branch in the Westchester area,” she said.

“We get a lot of requests from Westchester,” Cerulli added.

Who’s next?

The owners are hoping to find a buyer for the Ridgefield truck by the end of the summer.

“We’ll still own the brand and set the standards that products have to meet,” Crook said, referencing the business’ practice of selling only chemical- and additive-free frozen treats.

“In essence, we’ll own the home offices of the company and license trucks to branches hopefully across the country.”

The franchise, which now operates only six months of the year mainly during the summer season, would be a fit for college students, senior citizens, local mothers — anyone with an entrepreneurial interest, the owners said.

Room to grow

And the business has been fairly successful on a local scale.

“We’re doing events in Greenwich, Mahopac, Redding — all over,” Cerulli told The Press.

Natural Scoop has found a niche with ice-cream lovers of all ages, she said.

“Kids love us because we have options for those with dietary restrictions,” Cerulli said. “Adults love us because of our healthy offerings.

“It’s a health-conscious society that we live in.”

As for the future of the company, both Crook and Cerulli are optimistic.

“The sky’s the limit,” Crook said.