Summer paving list includes 13 roads

Summer’s here, and the time is right, for workin’ in the street.

Both the town and the state have road paving plans for the summer.

Public Works Director Peter Hill has a list of 13 roads, amounting to between six and seven miles of paving, that the town of Ridgefield and its contractors hope to work on this summer — with work likely stretching into the fall, and possibly finishing up next spring.

Hill noted that the state is also planning a separate roughly two-mile repaving operation.

“The state is doing Route 35 — Route 116 to Route 7,” he said. “That going to start at the end of this month — milling, paving — all night work.”

Ridgefield’s plans are mostly a quarter-mile here, a half-mile there. There are two longer stretches of a little over a mile each.

The town’s repaving list includes: Blue Ridge Road, 0.26 miles; Cooper Hill Road, 0.31 miles; Indian Cave Road, 0.64 miles; Little Ridge Road, 0.06 miles; Longview Road, 0.34 miles; Mead Ridge, 0.27 miles; Mimosa Circle, 1.2 miles; Old Mill Road, 0.49 miles; Olmstead Lane, 0.42 miles; Regan Road, 0.64 miles; Tackora Trail, 1.05 miles; Twopence Road, 0.22 miles; Hobby Drive, 0.43 miles.

“That’s our wish list, between now and the spring,” Hill said.

The town recently completed work on a two-mile stretch of Bennetts Farm Road. Next to be paved will be roads on the list in the Twin Ridge area, Hill said.

How much of Hill’s wish list gets done will depend on weather and the work schedules of contractors, who do jobs for many towns in the area.

“We’d like to get it all done,” Hill said.