Stormwater regulation up for removal at July 5 zoning meeting

A stormwater and drainage regulation that’s been costing residents up to $30,000 in stormwater systems for building a pool in their backyard is getting a public hearing for removal.

Director of Planning and Zoning Richard Baldelli said that the regulation — adopted in 2016 — wasn’t doing the job it was intended for.

“The system is only addressing one particular portion on the property; it doesn’t encompass the entire property,” he told The Press.

“The regulation was adopted without true consideration being given — now we know — to different types of soil and ground conditions and a wide variety of factors that we now believe should be taken into consideration before the town has a stormwater regulation like that.”

Baldelli proposed to completely rescind the regulation — Section 7.14 —  and form a committee to review stormwater at the Planning and Zoning meeting June 13.

“We need to have this committee really review in great detail the various items that come into play attempting to manage stormwater with a town that will have completely different needs for stormwater management in the center of town than say out in Ridgebury,” he said.

The community will be able to voice their opinions and concerns about Section 7.14 during a public hearing scheduled for Wednesday, July 5.