Storm damage: Public schools, Ridgefield Academy closed Monday

Strong winds and heavy rains have knocked down trees around town and forced the public schools to close Monday, Oct. 30.

Initially, the schools were going to have a two-hour delay but decided the road damage was too much to overcome and opted for a full closure. Ridgefield Academy made the same choice, closing its school Monday and citing "loss of power and impassible roads."

Eversource reports that 2,054 of its customers are without power.

Police have reported downed wires on the following roads:

  • Remington Road
  • Creamery Road
  • Wilton Road East
  • St. John's Road
  • Old Branchville Road
  • Laurel Ridge Road
  • Ivy Hill Road
  • East Ridge Road
  • Circle Drive

Fire crews also reported transformers that were on fire at Minuteman Road and North Salem Road.

Drivers are asked to stay indoors to allow highway crews to clear debris, remove fallen branches, and restore downed power lines.

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