State schedules Route 35 lane shift

The construction company in charge of the Route 35 bridge site has tentatively scheduled to shift the southbound lane back to its original location Wednesday, Aug. 9.

Ryan Wodjenski of the state Department of Transportation notified the town on Tuesday, Aug. 1.

“The northbound lane will remain in its present location over the temporary road and bridge,” he said.

The lane shift will allow Baier, the construction company, to proceed with stage two construction.

Wodjenski said the shift is subject to weather and could happen at a later date.

"Stage 2 all of the same activities as stage 1," he explained. "Installing earth retention, connecting the new gas main and abandoning the existing gas main, excavating the existing roadway, removing the old bridge structure, constructing the new bridge structure, backfilling, installing drainage, paving, and shifting traffic back to the original configuration."

Wodjenski added that there is less utility impact in stage 2 which should go quicker than stage 1.

"If all goes according to plan both lanes will be in final configuration in the late fall," he said. "Stage 3 will be removing the temporary roadway, bridge, grading and plantings.