State archeologist to speak at Keeler Tavern Thursday

The Discovery Center of Ridgefield is offering a talk from state archeologist, Brian Jones, on March 22 at 7 p.m. at Keeler Tavern, 132 Main Street, Ridgefield.

Jones is going to speaking about Native American Archeology in Connecticut. Ninety-seven percent of the history of Connecticut occurred prior to the arrival of Europeans (contact). Yet, this period is mostly overlooked.

How did man come to colonize the region after the Ice Age?  How did these pioneers adapt to the continuing changing climate and the land around them?  How did they manage to develop a highly sophisticated society, network of trade, and feed growing populations?

All this was done without horses, metal or the wheel!  Come join us and learn about the time before European colonization, and how it relates to the present.

The cost is $5.