Sorgie joins Arts Council

A marketing and advertising executive who plays the guitar, Christopher Sorgie, has joined the Ridgefield Arts Council.

He was appointed by the Board of Selectmen, 4-to-0, after an interview Feb. 21.

After an initial visit to the Arts Council, Sorgie wrote to its chairman, Mark Meachem, offering his services.

“Based on what I observed as well as having a better understanding of the council’s mission, I believe my participation would be mutually beneficial,” he wrote. “And I will gladly assume the responsibility as treasurer if in fact you need me to fill that role.”

The selectmen were impressed.

“That’s rolling up the sleeves — treasurer,” said Selectman Steve Zemo.

“I’ve managed a $25-million marketing budget,” Sorgie said.

Board members noted his résumé didn’t show much direct experience in the arts.

“I’m an aspiring guitar player,” Sorgie said.

Meachem told the selectmen Sorgie had the ”full support” of council members.

“He’s been to three of the Arts Council’s meetings,” Meachem said. “Keeps coming back, which is always a good sign.”