Social Services receives $15,000 from Thrift Shop

Ridgefield Social Services received a donation from the Ridgefield Thrift Shop last week that will benefit the department’s emergency fund as well as help cover the cost of summer camp for local families.

The $15,000 donation will be split, with $10,000 going to the emergency fund and $5,000 going to summer camp help.

Tony Phillips, director of social services, said the donation will help residents maintain “a higher quality of life through helping with rent, heat, food, and more.”  

“There are many people in Ridgefield who live check to check, have lost work, or live on a fixed income,” he added. “This will allow us to help those community members meet their concrete needs. As well, the donation for the summer campership fund will help send many children to local summer camps. Without these funds, there would likely have been families who would have passed on summer camp experiences for their children, because it was unaffordable.”