Social Services Department offers energy assistance application help

The town's Social Services Director Tony Phillips wants residents to know there are a pair of energy assistance programs — Eversource Winter protection program and Home Energy Solution program — available to low-income residents who need it.

In addition to those programs, the Social Services Department also helps about 150 Ridgefield households apply for the state energy assistance program, Phillips estimated.

"This is a must for any resident who needs help staying warm during the winter because of a low income," he said. "There is help available at Town Hall and we are ready to get them applied.  Last season between CAAWC and RSS this program helped over 150 households here in Ridgefield alone.  No one needs to go cold. "

According to Phillips, each year residents are able to access approximately $50,000, collectively, in state assistance to stay warm during the winter months.

Each person who qualifies is also automatically placed on the Eversource Winter protection program to help keep electric utility even if people fall behind (Nov through May1)

And residents also will find themselves qualified for the Home Energy Solution program which will provide in home audit and weatherization solutions at no cost to the consumer.

"We can help people apply here at Town Hall and they are also welcome to contact CAAWC who administers the program for our region," Phillips said.

Click here to read the press release from when the state program launched in October. 

More info on the program can be found on the state website here.