‘Sky’s the Limit’ at Seth Low Pierrepont State Park

Seth Low Pierrepont State Park is set to be getting more hikers this year.

That’s because the reserve off Barlow Mountain Road has been included in an outdoor challenge that encourages residents to take advantage of Connecticut’s lesser-known trails.

The challenge, “The Sky’s the Limit,” will award hikers who complete 10 of the 14 listed trails with a special pin. Those who hike all 14 trails will be entered to win a hand-carved hiking staff.

To complete Sky’s the Limit, hikers must photograph themselves by the sign at the entrance to the park or forest and then another picture at a specific location described on the website.

Participants must then email those pictures — with their name and home address — to DEEP.SkystheLimit@ct.gov. Entries must be received by Dec. 7.

For more information, visit www.ct.gov/DEEP/SkystheLimit.