Silver, Stamatis take on new school board roles

Board of Education members unanimously voted to re-elect Fran Walton as chairwoman at the board’s Nov. 27 meeting.

Superintendent Karen Baldwin called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m., and explained that until the board elected a new chairperson, she would direct the meeting.

“In the past few years, serving as vice chair, I’ve seen how dedicated you’ve been through the process,” said former board Vice Chairman James Keidel to Walton before the vote.

“I think that dedication is important, and that continuation is important. We have a lot of work coming in the year ahead of us.”

Walton took the gavel back from Baldwin, and continued the meeting.

“This is your favorite meeting, when you get to start,” Walton said to Baldwin, with a smile. “Thank you, everyone,” she said.

Members then unanimously voted Doug Silver to serve as the vice chairman of the board. Board member Sharon D’Orso, who nominated Silver for the position, spoke of his “hard work and dedication” on the board, as well as his “unique perspective as an educator.”

Silver then nominated board member Margaret Stamatis to serve as the board secretary.

“Her community outreach is outstanding,” Walton said.

The board apparently agreed, electing her unanimously.