Shadow Lane resident: 'We just want to get out'

Two days of power outages have tested the patience of Ridgefielders — some of whom haven't been able to leave their homes due to downed trees that have fallen on power lines. 

"There does not seem to any sense of urgency," said Shadow Lane resident Charles Valenzuela Tuesday morning. "Electric is secondary. We just want to get out."

Valenzuela told The Press at 10:40 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 31, that Eversource crews had finally arrived on scene to check if a downed wire was still live or not. They have not started the process of removing the tree that fell on it Sunday, Oct. 29.

"It's going to be a pretty decent sized job," said a highway department worker of removing the tree.

Eversource response

A representative at Eversource said that 688 customers remain without power in Ridgefield.

On Round Lake Road, there are 84 customers without power — most of any road in town. Riverside Drive, which has 55 customers without power, has the second most outages.

“I’m not sure if these are related to the storm, because throughout the day limbs continue to come down,” said Al Lara, who works as a media relations representative for Eversource. 

About 20 customers remain without power near Shadow Lane, Lara said.

“We’re well aware of that outage and hopefully we’ll be taking care of that today," Lara told The Press.

Lara said that recovery from the storm would require a multi-day effort.

Eversource will be helped by 30 additional crews from upstate New York, he said, as well as 238 line crews (each crew uses 2-4 men in a truck) from Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, and Ohio.

'Bigger issue than Eversource'

Valenzuela said earlier Tuesday that the massive tree completely blocking the road on Shadow Lane was "a bigger issue than Eversource."

"Ten households are stranded," he told The Press. "Most importantly, if there were a fire or emergency, no equipment can get here with the road blocked.

"This is a town issue to insure the safety of these families. Every effort the town can exert should be made to at least clear the road."