Seventh graders excel at Scrabble tournament

Ridgefield seventh graders Andrew Knispel and Matthew Sherter won the Intermediate Division and the seventh grade championship at the 2017 New England School Scrabble Championship, which was held at the Ridgefield Library March 25.

The boys were undefeated in their five games, and they also won prizes for high game (488) and high play (88). This is the second year the two boys have been division winners at this event.

Other winners at the tournament were Jeffrey Pogue and Alan Zeng (championship division), Noah Kalus (high school division), and Mikhail Feaster and Samantha Udave (novice division).

Other Ridgefield students who finished well were Ellie Carter (second, championship division and winner of high game, 418, and high play, 79), Ian Whitehurst (second, intermediate division), Joey Archer and Spencer Soleiman (fourth, intermediate division), and Ethan Le and Jayin Palicha (second, novice division and winners of high play, 32). Ian was the fourth grade champion and Jayin the third grade champion.

The Ridgefield Scrabble program, for players in third to ninth grade, meets Tuesday nights from 6 to 7 at CVS on Main Street.

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