Selectmen consider Lakeside Drive land donation

Milford resident Barbara Smarz wants to donate a quarter acre of wetlands on Lakeside Drive to the town, but the selectmen have reservations regarding back taxes and environmental factors.

The Conservation Commission walked the site and recommended that the selectmen accept the donation at a Jan. 18 meeting.

Selectwoman Maureen Kozlark said the selectmen should determine whether the land has any contamination.

She also raised the question of back taxes, pointing out that $56 is owed from 2016 and $91 from 1982.

The property can’t be built on because it is a wetland and was assessed to be worth $3,900.

Performing an environmental test would cost the town $1,500.

The Board of Selectmen scheduled a public hearing for Wednesday, Feb. 8, and a town meeting for Wednesday, Feb. 22, assuming that an environmental study is done as well as a thorough check of taxes owed.