School district hires Dawn Norton as business manager (VIDEO)

The Board of Education voted to hire Dawn Norton as the district’s business manager at its June 11 meeting, closing a six-month hiring search.

Norton will take over the position from Interim Business Manager Allan Cameron July 9. Cameron was hired earlier this year after the schools longtime business manager Paul Hendrickson retired at the end of December.

“We reviewed a lot of applications, Dawn Norton’s interview — both round one and round two,

which included a performance task — rose to the top of the list,” said Acting Superintendent Dr. Robert Miller.

“Her references checks were all stellar. What came back was the utmost professional that really

knows her craft, and can come in here and really hit the ground running, and recommend change, and really understand what we need to do to take the next step as a business department and as a district in that domain.”

In a press release following Norton’s hire, the district noted her professional experience spans over a decade. She previously serve as interim Director of Finance to the Town of Clinton, Director of Finance for the Town of New Canaan, and Interim Director of Finance and Comptroller to the city of Bridgeport.

“She received her Master of Science in Management Degree from Albertus Magnus College and is State of Connecticut Bureau of Education Standards (085) Certified for School Business Administration,” the press release said.

Norton was selected from a pool of 18 applicants.


Board Secretary Margaret Stamatis echoed Miller’s praise for Norton’s resume.

“I think that we on the interview committee all felt very confident in her abilities, and are looking forward to having her join us,” said Stamatis, who took part in interviewing potential candidates for the school board.

Board member Sharon D’Orso abstained from voting on Norton’s appointment because she had not managed to meet Norton during the search process.

Vice chairman Doug Silver said he was pleased with Norton’s experience in town finance. “We’re really looking forward to building a cooperative relationship with the town as we move through the next budget cycle,” Silver said. “I’m feeling really optimistic with our budget cycle next year with your excellent experience in that area — so welcome aboard.”