‘Sacred Waters:’ Planners to look at new pond-dredging application Sept. 19

Sacred Waters, a pond cleaning company run by John Keegan out of his home on Clearview Drive, is headed back to the table at the Planning and Zoning Commission on Sept. 19 with a new application for a special permit to run a home-based business.

Commissioners rejected a previous application by Keegan — in which he essentially asked the commission to give its blessing to his home business — on June 5, after several neighbors of Keegan’s home turned up at the hearing to complain about the equipment stored on his lawn.

The greatest objections from neighbors centered on a 20-foot pond-dredging pontoon boat Keegan has parked in his driveway for his business.

The neighbors also raised issue with Keegan storing hoses for the pond dredging vacuum, as well as other equipment, on the lawn of his property. They noted that Clearview Drive rests in a small lake community of houses that were originally built as summer vacation homes.

Keegan’s revised application includes screening for the equipment and trailer.

Neighbors rejected a proposal by Keegan on June 5 that he would plant a row of shrubs to screen the equipment from neighbors’ eyes, because they said the added plants would block their view of the lake.

At the June 5 hearing, Keegan said he did not have the means from his business to rent an off-site storage facility to keep the pond-dredging equipment.

The new request for a special permit also asks that the application fees from the town be waived.

Attorney Bob Jewell, who is representing Keegan, said he believes the new application will meet some of the concerns raised by the commission at the last hearing.

“If I was smart enough, I would have suggested a continuance instead of re-submitting,” said Jewell, “but I guess I dropped the ball.”