Rotted Main Street lampposts come down

Rotted by salt used as a winter ice-melter, four period lampposts on Main Street have been taken down, and seven or eight others — maybe more — will likely have to be replaced.

“We’re going to be replacing probably a minimum of a dozen,” First Selectman Rudy Marconi said.

Where’s the funding come from?

Marconi doesn’t know — yet.

“They’re about $5,000 each, installed,” he told The Press Monday, Feb. 27. “They aren’t inexpensive.”

There are about 55 lampposts around the village, Marconi said, and he thought most of them dated to the early 1990s — which would make them close to 25 years old.

The four that have already come down are in the Main Street block between Deborah Ann’s Sweet Shoppe and Neumann Real Estate.

Early battle wounds

It started Sunday, Feb. 19, when members of the Masonic Lodge were hanging banners for their 240th celebration of the Battle of Ridgefield on lampposts in the village.

“When they leaned the ladder against the black decorative lamppost in front of Deborah Ann’s, the lamppost fell over onto a car. Not good,” Marconi said.

“But what was discovered was the base of the lamppost had corroded completely.

“So by Tuesday, the engineering department had followed up to have all of the lampposts checked in that area. And it was found that every one of them was rotted and unstable. From Deborah Ann’s down to Neumann’s there were four lampposts, completely rotted. So they were told to take them down immediately and to also check every other post in town, which we have since completed.

“At least seven others need to be replaced,” Marconi said.