Rotary ‘fly the colors’ program accepting renewals, subscriptions

Rotary Club of Ridgefield has re-launched its program that encourages the patriotic display of the American flag on six American Holidays. This initiative is done in collaboration with the Ridgefield Marine Corps League and Ridgefield Supply Company.

Rotarians place an American Flag in front of the participant's house for six major Holidays which are Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Patriot Day and Veterans Day.

The program works as follow: a plastic pipe will be buried permanently in front yards, near the street to hold the 3 x 5 foot flag in place on a 10 foot staff. Installation will be in coordination with Ridgefield Public Works.

Homeowners will be asked to notify the installers of any underground installations before the pipe is buried.

The flag program is an annual, subscription based service. The first year cost is 50: it's $25 a year after. The proceeds benefit the veterans and their immediate families in the area. You can register and pay online. .

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