Rotary Club team wins history trivia contest

The competition was fierce at The Battle of Ridgefield V, Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center’s (KTMHC) 5th annual history trivia contest March 23. Thirteen teams of two to six contestants participated in the contest by answering history questions for the "Boomer Edition" of the contest. Topics ranged from questions on president and state trivia to WWI and the Fabulous Fifties.

The 60 trivia questions, a mix of multiple choice, short answer, and matching, were developed by a team of local historians, Elise Haas, Kay Ables, Joe Ellis, and lead by Quizmaster Charlie Pankenier, who also emceed the event.

After eight rounds of questions, the winner of the coveted fountain trophy was the team from the Ridgefield Rotary Club, narrowly winning over the Soundview Eagles. This year, the competition was especially close, with both tie-breaker questions being used.

“Each year teams surprise us-- and sometimes themselves-- with just how much history they know, and how competitive they can be,” said Pankenier. “That command of a wide range of facts is the most impressive part of the competition.”

Other teams in the competition included teams from the Ridgefield Library (Book Fines), Ridgefield Historical Society (Great Scotts), last years' winners The Burr Bradleys, I am Smarticus, The Loose Cannonballs, Ridgebury Road Scholars, Townies, You're a Quizzard, Harry, Provenzale, and Ed and Buddha.