Rooted Plow: Local moms create Ridgefield-centric apparel

Ridgefield mothers and sisters-in-law Leslie Realander and Diana Arfine have launched an e-commerce retail website, The Rooted Plow, that featured Ridgefield-centric apparel, home goods, and gift items.

The duo designed a logo that they say is a tribute to Ridgefield’s past and some of its iconic features.

“The two arrows represent Ridgefield’s Native American legacy, the Elm tree pays tribute to the many beautiful Elms that once stood strong on Main Street and in Ballard Park, and the Cass Gilbert Fountain speaks for itself as the unofficial welcome mat at the crossroads of Route 33 and Route 35/Main Street,” said Arfine.

“The Rooted Plow is the culmination of hometown pride, creativity, and the ‘shop local’ lifestyle,” Realander added.

The Rooted Plow’s full product line is available online at and on its Facebook page.

The duo plans to have merchandise available at local fairs and festivals.

For more information, or for custom orders, email