Ridgefielder seeks kidney donor for sister

Ridgefield resident Susan Marra is looking for a live kidney donor for her sister, MaryJo Hauser.

Hauser, whose blood type is O+, has had systemic lupus since she was 21.

She has been working with Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston to find a donor, but hasn’t been able to find a match thus far.

“I was tested and medically disqualified, as with others in our family, and so the search began,” said Marra.

Hauser, who recently retired from her post as assistant superintendent of the North Salem school system, has set up a Facebook account titled “Kidney Donation for Maryjo, Award Winning Educator.”

Any donors who are interested are asked to email bwhkidneydonorinfo@partners.org and say that they are interested in donating a kidney to MaryJo Hauser.

For additional information contact bwhkidneydonorinfo@partners.org or call the Living Donor Transplant Coordinator at 617-278-0030.
Those interested in supporting can check out MaryJo's Facebook page at Kidney Donation for MaryJo, Award Winning Educator.