Ridgefielder creates ‘SnoHub’ app

What if getting your driveway plowed was as easy as ordering a ride with Uber?

That’s the idea fueling SnoHub, an app that focuses on residential snow clearing services.

SnoHub, the brainchild of Ridgefield resident James Albis, not only looks to assist homeowners in need of a plow guy — it also aims to create jobs in Ridgefield, and the rest of Fairfield County.

“We’re here to help everyone in Ridgefield,” said Albis, who recently moved to town from Katonah. “We want to make homeowners’ lives easier, and we want to be able to provide extra work for people in town who need it to put food on the table and survive the winter months. …

“There are plenty of local people — contractors, painters, firefighters — who are familiar with the area and have the right equipment,” he added. “This is the perfect opportunity for them to make some extra money, and it couldn’t be easier to sign up and get paid.”

Albis will be giving a free snowplow to a Ridgefield resident this December — all people have to do is download the app.

Albis, who is trying to expand the service nationally this winter, said he will draw the winner on Dec. 20.

“I will personally plow the driveway myself,” he said.

For more information, visit snohub.com or email james@snohub.com.