Ridgefield students in the news: Vermont, Iowa State, and many more

Kendall Downend and Noah Money have been named to the academic honors list for work completed during the fall semester at Northfield Mount Hermon.

Three Ridgefielders have been named to the dean’s list at the University of Vermont for the fall semester: Matthew Betschart, Sarah Hill and Rebekah Silver.

Iowa State University student Nicole R. Ferrero of Ridgefield has been named to the dean’s list. Ferrero is majoring in veterinary medicine.

Ridgefielder Hannah Brennan has been named to the dean’s list at Roger Williams University.

The following students from Ridgefield have been named to the dean’s list at James Madison University: James Ringkamp, Class of  2018, majoring in communication studies; Ryan Debany, Class of 2017, finance; Brendan Maguire, Class of 2018, finance; Margaret Brassinga, Class of 2018, nursing; and Rebecca Sullivan, Class of 2019, studio art.

Ridgefielder Katie Ketner, grade 10, has been named to the honor roll for the first marking period of the fall term at The Harvey School.

Miami University student Kelly Janasek spent the fall semester in Spain as part of a study abroad group. Janasek, from Ridgefield, is majoring in marketing.

Springfield College has named Ridgefielder Kristen Walsh to the dean’s list for the fall term. Walsh is studying dance.

The following Ridgefielders from the University of Scranton have been named to the dean’s list: Laura Goodman, a sophomore journalism-electronic media major, Zachary Black, a junior computer engineering major, and Patrick Budicini, a freshman finance major.

Alex Gabriele, Class of 2019, majoring in communications, and Brett Getz, 2019, exploratory professional studies, were named to the dean’s list at Eastern Connecticut State University.

The following Ridgefielders from Fairfield University have been named to the dean’s list: Alec R. Black, Paul Bova, Christine Kelly Ducey, Jared Paul Kuehner, Matthew R. Lee, Elizabeth M. Trillo, and Cameron Douglas Whitelaw.

The following Ridgefielders at the University of Connecticut have been named to the dean’s list: Daniel Albano, Kimberlee Arnett, Caroline Ball, Colby Bedard, Julie Cahill, Austin Carfi, Ryan Chester, Kent Coleman, Micah Collins, and Sara Dietzman.

Also, Amanda Gervais, Steven Ignatowich, Meredith Kresic, Meredith Kriz, Catherine Lenz, Emma Llanos, Shane Luery, Kaitlyn McCann, Shayla Morris, and Andrew Morrison.

Also, Claire Phelan, Alec Pisanelli, Olivia Prehodka, Alexandra Retter, Emily Robertson, Samuel Rostow, Logan Schier, Kevin Side, Jordan Smith, Jun Takeda, Raymond Tran, Rebecca Welch, and Yue Yang.