Ridgefield residents told 'to prepare for multiple days without power'

It was a storm that lasted less than an hour Tuesday afternoon but hammered Ridgefield with an intensity that some residents said they had not seen since Hurricane Sandy.

The north end of town was hit particularly hard, leaving Eversource spokesman Mitch Gross to warn residents to “prepare for multiple days without power.”

As of 12:30 Wednesday, May 16, 2,249 Eversource customers were without power.

Several residents told The Press Tuesday night they had been circling the Mamanasco Road area trying to find a way through but without any luck.

As the wind and rain abated around 7 p.m., residents on Caudatowa Drive and Rock Road were left to survey the damage. One was overheard saying the street looked like a “war zone.”

“I had one shutter that came off — I was pretty lucky,” said Caudatowa Drive resident Bill Long.

All the houses along Caudatowa appeared to be without power Tuesday evening, with the northern end of Rock Road completely impassable because of downed trees and wires.

Several cars had to turn around on the narrow street to return south down Caudatowa Drive, after they met the section of downed trees on Rock Road.

Residents who were outside their homes assessing the damage said the road never sees the amount of traffic that passed through Tuesday night as people tried to find a way out of several roads that were completely sealed off by downed trees.

“If this keeps up until tomorrow, we’re going to have to go somewhere else,” Long said.

At least one resident, intent on getting out, pushed a downed wire aside with a broom so that a car could pass under a precariously low utility pole.

All the residents The Press spoke to said they were not aware of anyone being injured on Caudatowa Drive or Rock Road.

Rock Road resident Bob Overlock said he was without power and had not heard when it might be restored.

“It was nasty here,” he said.