Ridgefield pups pass therapy dog test

Charlie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, owned by Susan Farmer and Jakk, a Border Collie, owned by Franise Eng, recently passed the rigorous Therapy Dog International (TDI) test with flying colors.

This test requires a dog to accept a stranger without fear or hostility and to submit willingly to being examined and groomed by this stranger.  

The dog must also walk confidently and quietly beside its handler in the midst of a crowd of strangers and dogs (ignoring both the people and the dogs); show no sign of nervousness while a jogger or person on crutches or in a wheelchair passes; remain with a stranger without barking, whining or fussing for several minutes while the handler leaves the room and is out of sight.

TDI is open to all dogs, both purebred and mixed breed. Successful completion of the test allows the owner and dog to visit nursing homes, hospitals and work with children in various volunteer activities.

For more information about the TDI test and Good Citizen Dog Training please call (203)938-2951 or e-mail mandjmetzger@optonline.net.