Ridgefield property transfers: May 25-26

Four homes and one condominium worth a total $2,833,500 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Barbara Serfilippi between May 25 and 26. The town received $7,084 in conveyance taxes from the transfers, which included:

304 Barrack Hill Road: Michael Guccione and Seuni Costa-Guccione of Armand Road to Sean and Nora Ford of Colorado Springs, Colo., May 25, $775,000.

35 Cooper Road: Dawn Haidar of Cooper Road to John M. Black III of Loma Mar, Calif., May 26, $450,000.

196 Old Sib Road: Marcelo Galdieri and Patricia Rios Calvao of Old Sib Road to Juhua Li of  Sandlewood Lane, May 26, $548,000.

240 Peaceable Street: Cynthia Digiacomo of Peaceable Street to Dina Sturtevant and Stefan Dobiejko of Peaceable Street, May 26, $920,500.

7 Cypress Lane (Fox Hill): Marcella Moeller of Boca Raton, Fla. to Joseph and Mariko Yoo of  Cypress Lane, May 26, $140,000.