Ridgefield property transfers: July 19-Aug. 2

Twenty-three houses, five condominiums, and four townhouses worth a total of $23,286,478 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Barbara Serfilippi from July 19 to Aug. 2, with $56,325 collected in conveyance taxes. Transfers include:

71 Prospect Street: Alpine Properties LLC of New Milford to Paul and Julia Cokerill of New Milford, July 19, $630,000.

77 Sunset Lane, Unit 311: Charter Group Partners LLC. of Danbury Road to Allen Hershkowitz and Dale Clearwater, July 19, $617,849.

77 Sunset Lane, Unit 325: Charter Group Partners LLC. of Danbury Road to John and Judith Boyle, July 19, $583,891.

8 Outpost Lane (Fox Hill): Sanjeev Singh to Andrily Drypka of Hoyt Street, July 23, $149,000.

77 Sunset Lane, Unit 312: Charter Group Partners LLC. of Danbury Road to Raymond Pagnucco of New York, N.Y., July 24, $570,886.

30 Glen Road: Diane Usas to Scott and Megan Spector of Hawthorne, N.Y., July 24, $485,000.

6 Juneberry Lane (Fox Hill): Estate of Robert Johnson of Sarasota, Fla., to Scott and Clinton Stafford, July 25, $182,500.

318 Silver Spring Road : Ellen Utley to Alexandros and Sarah Panagiotidis of Brooklyn, N.Y., July 25, $1,340,000.

217 Keeler Drive: Ellen Wolff to Jason and Carie Padget of Kennesaw, Ga., July 25, $780,000.

38 Thunder Hill Lane: William and Kay Mayr to Robert Long and Diane Damianakis of Weston, July 26, $965,000.

1 Sharp Hill Lane: SDMB LLC of New Fairfield to Michael and Colleen Scott of Rye, N.Y., July 26, $675,000.

77 Sunset Lane, Unit 325: Charter Group Partners LLC. of Danbury Road to Irene Juthnas, July 27, $515,531.

15 Cavalry Court: Mark and Angel Dollins to Miguel Sanz Dominguez of Cobblers Lane, July 27, $1,445,000.

276 Barrack Hill Road: Scott and Molly Reid to John and Jill McAndrews of Cork, Ireland, July 30, $1,050,000.

71 Lawson Lane (Casagmo): Fabian Mazuera of South Salem Road to Jeffrey and Susan Bonistalli of Settlers Lane, July 30, $200,000.

247 Limestone Road: John Williams of North Salem, N.Y., to Richard and Dana Lee of Port Chester, N.Y., July 31, $575,000.

50 Bobbys Court: Edward and Barbara Marquez to Dylan and Heather Mindich of Pomona, N.Y., July 31, $625,000.

126 Peaceable Ridge Road: Tina Rosenfeld to Robert and Jessica Fazio of Mamaroneck, July 31, $740,000.

104 Wilton Road East: Douglas and Leigh Todd of Danbury to Anthony and Stephanie Labrusciano, July 31, $1,057,000.

114 Peaceable Street: Thomas Murray to Julia Dickens of Montclair, N.J., July 31, $767,500.

334 Barrack Hill Road: Justin and Jessica Osserman to Kevin Trapp and Ashley Villarreal of New York, N.Y., July 31, $755,500.

202 Eleven Levels Road: Richard and Dahn Herstein to Travis and Katherine Foltz of Greenwich, July 31, $900,000.

105 Spring Valley Road: Nicholas and Leslie Verbitsky to US Bank National, Des Moines, Iowa, July 31, $755,820.

150 Rippowam Road: Lindsay-Rae McIntyre and Stephen Ott of Woodinville, Wash., to David and Claire Copen of Old South Salem Road, July 31, $2,227,000.

30 Marcardon Avenue: Robert and Meghan Troy to Angella Silye of The Bronx, N.Y., July 31,    $479,000.

11 Cottage Street: Jason and Mary Gobleck to Nicholas and Jennifer Cade of Danbury, July 31, $600,000.

8 Kumquat Lane (Fox Hill): Estate of William Link to Patricia Anesetti, July 31, July 31, $240,000.

16 Great Rocks Place: Scott and Dana Goodwin to Sean and Nicole Wittig of Ramsey, N.J., Aug. 1, $1,200,000.

15 Eleven Levels Road: Tracy Kornfeld of Marlborough, Mass., to Stephanie Sobkowiak, Aug. 1, $667,000.

209 Ledges Road: Timothy and Carrie Hanlon to Charles and Sunghea Shoener, Aug. 1, $621,000.

367 Wilton Road West: Samuel Fanelli and Brooke Lord to Justin and Denise Loeber of North Salem Road, Aug. 1, $607,000.

2 Keeler Close (Casagmo): Zigrida Lepow of Greer, S.C., to Edward Finlay, Aug. 2, $280,000.