Ridgefield property transfers: Dec. 16-31

Twelve houses, one townhouse, and one condominium worth a total of $15,070,882 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Barbara Serfilippi Dec. 16 through Dec. 31, with $20,730 collected in conveyance taxes. Transfers included:

51 Barnum Place: Jing Yuan and Fanzhi Kong of Independence, Ohio, to Stefanie Palladino, Dec. 18, $645,000.

77 Sunset Lane (Unit 215): Charter Group Partners LLC of Brookfield to Victoria Ohlandt, Dec. 19, $563,015.

556 Ridgebury Road: Wilmington Savings Fund of Houston, Texas, to Thomas Lacey of Danbury, Dec. 19, $575,700.

30 Dowling Drive: Ida Silverstri of Norwalk to Brandt Weiss and Greta Schneil of Astoria, N.Y., Dec. 21, $587,500.

63 Fieldcrest Drive: Megan Presbrey to William and Leslie Wise of East Meadow, Mass., Dec. 22, $725,000.

2 Olive Lane (Fox Hill): Estate of James Hancock of Danbury to Edward Taveras, Dec. 22, $180,000.

20 Silver Spring Lane: Toby and Thomas Soli to Kevin and Bonnie Konopka of Bedford Corners, N.Y., Dc. 22, $1,075,000.

6 Craigmoor Road: Philip Smith of Milford to Paul and Rachel Burns, Dec. 22, $599,500.

13 Conant Road: Kurt and Kristen Gaugler to Keith and Kristen Early of Brookfield, Dec. 27, $575,000.

33 Catoonah Street: US Bank National Associations Trust of Coppell, Texas, to Mary Ellen Raab of Main Street, Dec. 27, $525,000.

77 Ledges Road: Rock Harbor Builders LLC of Sherman to Kush and Richa Misra, Dec. 28, $699,625.

33 Sunset Lane: RJR Builders LLC of Danbury to Damina and Maryann Browne, Dec. 29, $1,050,000.

9 New Street: Estate of Patricia Victoria Jones of Williamsburg to Lubomir and Eva Figlarova of Stamford, Dec. 29, $748,000.

20 Canterbury Lane: Christopher and Sarah Patterson of Rita Road to Keith Squerciati and Tiffany Avon, Dec. 29, $814,000