Ridgefield property transfers: Aug. 30-Sept. 5

11 house worth a total of $6,384,800 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Barbara Serfilippi Aug. 30-Sept. 5, with $15,962 collected in conveyance taxes. Transfers included:

120 Prospect Street: Frances Taylor Debease Trust to Daniel and Paula Molloy of Redding, Aug. 30, $495,000.

23 Rita Road: Royd Fukumoto and Jeraldine Orlina to Jared Vergili and Dawn Hunt of Gilbert Street, Aug. 30, $425,000.

88 Regan Road: Mark and Michelle Brooks to Erin and Christine Humiston of Orlando, Fla., Aug. 30, $471,500.

46 Casey Lane: Ronald and Patricia Terrill of Sunset Lane to Jia Min of Wallkill, N.Y., Aug. 31, $655,000.

230 Florida Road: Wesley and Julie Bermel to Andrew and Kate Jackson of Florida Hill Road, Aug. 31,$493,300.

30 Barnum Place: Joshua and Junko Crafford of Danbury to Arun and Meris James, Aug. 31, $650,000.

253 Bennetts Farm Road: Shelby and Elaine Lowman to Gillian Tanz and Jeffery Takach of Norwalk, Aug. 31, $395,000.

50 Casey Lane: Brett and Yolanda Malone of Danbury to Boris Solovey Estate, Aug. 31, $560,000.

162 Minuteman Road: Mark and Ellen Gaddis to Carlos and Cynthia Nascimento of Yonkers, N.Y., Sept. 1, $640,000.

80 Branchville Road: Scott and Mary Stainken to Barry Eaton and Joyce Karel of Stamford, Sept. 1, $1,125,000.

315 Old Sib Road: James Jannace to Timothy and Lori Vickers of Danbury, Sept. 5, $475,000.