Ridgefield property transfer: Aug. 9-15

Thirteen homes and two condominiums worth a total of $11,764,400 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Barbara Serfilippi Aug. 9-15, with $340,988 in conveyance taxes collected. Transfers included:

125 Grandview Drive: Wells Fargo Bank to Denise Casazzone of Greenwich, Aug. 10, $320,000.

189 Silver Spring Road: Matthew and Katherine Schardt to Patrick Douglas and Cheryl Malka Caudill of Raleigh, N.C., Aug. 10, $677,500.

58 South Olmstead Lane: Heather Ehinger to Giuseppe and Dawn Forgione of Ramapoo Road, Aug. 11, $707,000.

45 Chestnut Hill Road: August and Joyce Vettorino of Middlebury to Stuart and Christina Millar, Aug. 11, $1,275,000.

87 Neds Mountain Road: Robert and Claire Moffat to Elisha and Sherri Schecter of New City, N.Y., Aug. 11, $597,000.

269 Nod Road: Jeroen and Noreen Theys to Ryan and Melanie Lumelleau of Catoonah Street, Aug. 11, $1,800,000.

42 Mimosa Circle:  John and Meredith Robson to Susan Gray and Carol Desoe of White Plains, N.Y., Aug. 11, $615,000.

44 Peaceable Street: Brian and Deborah Povinelli of Bethesda, Md. to Ignatius and Sherry Lynne Anandappa, Aug. 14, $1,295,000.

24 Chelsea Place: Louis and Jill Allesandrine to Relo Direct Inc. of Chicago, Ill., Aug. 14, $965,000.

24 Chelsea Place: Relo Direct Inc. of Chicago, Ill. to Robert and Claire Moffatt, Aug. 14, $965,000.

387 West Mountain Road: John and Lynda Howard to Jonathan and Erin Dotterer of Cortlandt Manor, N.Y., Aug. 14, $682,500.

20 Mulvaney Court: Brian and Deborah Povinelli to James Philbin and Jennifer Perhamus of Grove Street, Aug. 15, $950,000.

31A Catoonah Street: 31A Catoonah Street LLC of Nod Road to Emmett and Carol Dockery, Aug. 15, $650,000.

66 Grove Street Unit A-6: Jennifer Perhamus to Shaun Morris of Stamford, Aug. 15, $585,000.