Ridgefield police share tips on fireworks safety

The Ridgefield Police Department has shared the following reminders regarding fireworks safety in advance of the Fourth of July on Wednesday:

The department also said that fireworks displays can create anxiety for canines.

Here are some tips for providing a safe Fourth of July for canines:

  • Make sure your dog(s) gets plenty of exercise earlier in the day.
  • Keep your dog(s) inside during fireworks, preferably with human companionship.
  • If it’s hot, air conditioning will help.
  • Bringing your dog(s) to a fireworks display is never a good idea.
  • Provide a safe place inside for your dog(s) to retreat. When scared of sounds they can’t orient, dogs often prefer small enclosed areas. If your dog(s) is comfortable in a crate, that is a good option.
  • If possible, keep the windows and curtains closed. Covering the crate or lowering the blinds can also be helpful as removing visual stimulation can help calm your dog(s).
  • Make sure all your dogs are wearing ID tags with a properly fitting collar.
  • If you are attending a fireworks display leave your dog something fun to do – (like a frozen Kong filled with his favorite treats.)
  • If you see a dog roaming during the time of a fireworks display, call Animal Control immediately 203-431-2711 as this dog will be anxious and scared.

Any questions regarding the safety of canines can be directed to Animal Control Officer Kris Zulkeski at 203-431-2711.