Ridgefield police probe shooting that left girl, 15, injured

Police are investigating a shooting in Ridgefield Monday morning.

Major Stephen Brown said in a release Tuesday that Ridgefield police responded to reports of gunshots in the area of Hulda Lane.

"At about the same time, a Hulda Lane homeowner called police to report that someone attempted to steal a car from the caller’s driveway," Brown said.

Ridgefield officers were notified later that morning that a 15-year-old-girl was at Waterbury Hospital with a gunshot wound. An investigation revealed that the girl may have been in Ridgefield earlier that morning, Brown said.

"It is expected that the girl will survive the gunshot wound," he said.

Ridgefield detectives, members of the Connecticut State Police Major Crime Squad, and investigators from Danbury Superior Court are currently investigating these incidents, Brown said.

State police confirmed that they assisted Ridgefield Police on an investigation.

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