The Ridgefield Police Union and the Firefighters Association of CT have announced their endorsements of State Rep. John Frey (R-111) for reelection on Nov. 6 to the General Assembly’s 111th House district, which includes all of Ridgefield south of George Washington Highway.

Ridgefield’s Police Union has 40 members in town and is the local branch of the national United Public Service Employees Union (UPSEU). UPSEU has roots dating back 30 years and began representing public employees in 1986. Their mission is to provide the best level of representation available to public employees in the country.  

“Ever since he was first elected to the legislature, John has always supported members of the police union and put the interests of Ridgefielders above everything else,” said Ridgefield Police Officer Chris Daly, who has been Union President since 2006.  “During this time of economic uncertainty and social turmoil, I can speak for our members that we trust a familiar face as our local state representative. Thank you for standing with Ridgefield Police Officers and for all of your hard work to stop funding cuts to Ridgefield that would have inevitably hurt all municipal employees.”

“I want to express my gratitude to Officer Daly and all of the brave men and women of Ridgefield’s police force for their support of my campaign, and for the long hours and dedicated work they do on behalf of our community every single day,” said Frey. “Ridgefield Police officers have not only had to remain professional and courteous in the wake of several tragedies involving targeted attacks on police officers across the country, but their livelihoods are routinely threatened by Connecticut’s persistent budget crisis and annual attempts by the governor to slash municipal aid.  I was proud to work with Ridgefield Police in advocating for laws that make police officers safer and stop those attempts to cut Ridgefield’s funding.”

The Uniformed Professional Firefighters’ Association (UPFFA) of Connecticut is affiliated with the International Association of Firefighters, and represents the 35 professional firefighters that protect citizens and guests of Ridgefield.  According to their website, their mission is to “raise the standards of all who are gainfully employed in the act of prevention, protection, or extinguishment of fire.”

“It is an honor to inform you that...the Uniformed Professional Fire Fighters Association of Connecticut heartily endorses your candidacy for reelection to the 111th House District,” wrote Peter Carozza, president of the UPFFA, in a letter to Frey.  “Good luck and thank you for your support of professional firefighter issues including issues of importance to the fire service at large. We are proud of our association with you and look forward to our continuing partnership.”

“I am honored to have the support of the UPFFA, who represent the interests of Ridgefield’s professional firefighters and help protect the people who protect us every day,” said Frey.  “I hope to continue my long-standing and mutually respectful cooperation with the brave men and women in Ridgefield’s Fire Department.”

“My mission for the next session is to protect municipal employees from the effects of Connecticut’s budget crisis by supporting budgets that offer towns predictability and stability.  That way, we can continue to advocate for laws that advocate for the safety and security of our police, fire, and emergency service personnel.” added Frey.