Ridgefield police: Leave baby deer alone

The Ridgefield Police Department is reminding residents who come across baby deer that the juvenile animals are best left alone — at least for 48 hours.

“Fawns are frequently hidden and left alone for hours while their mothers forage for food. During the long periods left alone, newborn fawns instinctively freeze and will lay motionless when approached,” the department said, via it’s official Facebook page.

Police say they have received numerous calls from residents concerned about juvenile deer that may have been abandoned.

Waiting at least 48 hours will help determine whether a fawn is actually abandoned, or the mother is just out foraging for food.

Orphaned fawns will typically wander aimlessly and call out for several hours, police said.

Residents with questions or concerns are encouraged to call Kris Zulkeski, the department’s Animal Control officer, at 203-431-2711.