Ridgefield police: Car burglaries reported at East Ridge

Ridgefield police are investigating two car break-ins at the parking lot of East Ridge Middle School on Sunday, Sept. 9, that occurred between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Police Capt. Jeff Kreitz said two unlocked cars were entered. Two credit cards were taken from each car, and $80 in cash was taken out of a purse left in one of the vehicles.

Kreitz said the break-ins did not fit the pattern of behavior of groups that have broken into cars in Ridgefield in the past. The two groups of car burglars that struck in town previously have either committed the robberies overnight, or smashed the windows of cars parked in public lots.

He said the robberies took place during a sports event at the school.

Kreitz reminded residents to lock their doors, remove any valuables, and to not leave their keys inside the vehicle.