Ridgefield couple launches Westport art gallery

Ridgefield residents Amy Pal and her husband, Kevin Manley, have opened Newton Roux, a new contemporary art gallery in Bedford Square in downtown Westport.

The gallery, which will focus on emerging realist and abstract painters, will have its opening reception for Brooklyn artist LJ Lindhurst Friday, May 25, from 6 to 9 p.m.

Residents are welcome to come and meet Lindhurst and enjoy free wine and beer while viewing the artist’s work.

Pal, the owner of Whip Salon, said she is passionate about contemporary art and saw an opportunity to work on a project she’d been thinking about for the past several years.

“We’re putting art into a place where people already go naturally. Not only does that delight visitors with an unexpected surprise, it allows them to view, enjoy and potentially purchase art at their own pace, with no pressure,” she said.

Manley, founder of energy startup Utiliz, said he hopes the gallery will also serve as “a small stepping stone” for emerging artists like Lindhurst.

For more information about the gallery, visit www.newtonroux.com.