Ridgefield celebrates Hanukah season with menorah lighting (SLIDESHOW)

PR Menorah 2
PR Menorah 2

Members of the Ridgefield Volunteer Fire Department helped a festive crowd of all ages usher in the second night of Hanukah, Wednesday, Dec. 13.

Despite bone-numbing temperatures, residents and members of Chabad Jewish Center turned out to celebrate as Rabbi Sholom Deitsch of Chabad and David Schreiber lit the first and second lights of a towering menorah, erected near the CVS parking lot on Main Street.

With a DJ thumping out techno remixes of Hanukah songs, Ridgefield volunteer firefighters Dan Lorusso and Mike McKnight rode the department’s truck crane high into the air to drop handfuls of chocolate gelt on the waiting children below. 

"[It was] inspiring to see over 100 people brave the freezing temps to celebrate the menorah and it’s message of tolerance, freedom, respect, kindness and love!" said Rabbi Deitsch.