Ridgefield Woman’s Club provides comfort pillows to hospital

Members of the Ridgefield Woman’s Club donated more than 200 “Comfort Pillows” to Danbury Hospital’s Praxair Center earlier this month.

The project was coordinated by Joan Stefura and Karen Heidinger, members of the club’s home life department.

To prepare, they cut dozens of yards of colorful fabric for the pillows and the cases, assigned members to sew 10 or 20 pillows each and finally brought everyone together for a festive “stuffing party.”  

At least 25 large bags of fiberfill were needed to stuff all of the pillows this year.

The pillows will be used by patients after surgery, to cushion the affected body part and to give support when a patient is resting or when a seat belt is too painfully tight.

According to the hospital’s spokesperson, many new uses for these small pillows have been found, and they are much in demand.  Feedback from grateful patients insures that this project will continue, and along with it, carry on a long club tradition of giving back to the community.