Ridgefield Thrift Shop donates $500,000 to local charities

The Ridgefield Thrift Shop has broken an 82-year-old record by donating $500,000 to local charities in 2019.
“It’s been a great year, and we are excited to give back to the community that has been so good to us,” said Thrift Shop President Sandra Capriotti. “Since we moved into our new expanded location at 21 Governor Street in May 2017, our donations and sales have increased tremendously. The rapid growth has exceeded our wildest dreams.”
This year’s grants are double those awarded in 2018.
Shop manager Karen Petrazzini said the non-profit business couldn’t have reached this unprecedented donation without support from the Ridgefield community.
“We get such generous donations on a daily basis: families who are downsizing and bring a large volume of household goods; moms dropping off toys or clothing their kids have outgrown; people sharing valuable jewelry they no longer wear, or electronics they no longer use,” Petrazzini said. “We are constantly amazed at the quality and diversity of wonderful items we receive.”
Capriotti was quick to point out that the success of the shop rests not only on the community’s generous donations and its many loyal customers, but also on its dedicated team of volunteers.
“We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, and there are more than 100 dedicated members who work tirelessly to help make the shop succeed. They are the engine that keeps the shop running smoothly.”
Carol Grasso, who has been a volunteer for more than 30 years, is thrilled to see the growth at the new shop.
“It’s changed so much since we moved to the beautiful new location,” she said. “A lot more donations, a lot more shoppers, and more and more money to give away! It’s so exciting to work for the good of our community.”
The Grant Selection Committee reports that this year’s grant recipients include 71 different local non-profit organizations. The recipients were divided into seven different categories: Arts and culture, community outreach, community services, health, nature and conservation, seniors, and youth.
“There are so many deserving non-profits in the greater Ridgefield community,” said finance committee chairperson Debbie Murphy. “It was a very challenging selection process. We try to support a cross-selection of non-profits, including everything from nursing and hospice services to the arts community to food pantries to nature trails and even to local animal shelters.”
The Ridgefield Thrift Shop is open Monday-Friday 12-4, and Saturday 10-4. For a list of the items they accept, visit ridgefieldthriftshop.com.