Ridgefield Theater Barn postpones Fences opening to February 2018

The Ridgefield Theater Barn's presentation of Fences, by August Wilson, has been postponed until February 2018.

"It is with great disappointment that we must announce we are postponing our production of Fences," said Paulette Layton, public relations manager for the theater barn. "Unfortunately one of our leads has been transferred overseas for work, and must leave immediately.

"There is simply no time to re-cast such a vital role, if we are to present this play with the integrity it deserves. Such is the world of theater.

"However, as saddened as we are not to be opening our 52nd Season with Fences, we are still committed to presenting this important and powerful play, and we are incredibly overjoyed that the rest of the cast will be staying on for the production which will now go up in February," she added. "In addition, our entire production crew, with the exception of our beloved Assistant Stage Manager, Jim Bollinger, are also carrying over to the new production. And we have already been lucky enough to find an incredibly talented replacement for our lead."